Diversity + Inclusion in Higher Education

With the Diversity and Inclusion Series, we are opening a semester long podcast series about diversity and inclusion in higher education and beyond. Here, our inspiration comes from anthropologist Ruth Benedict’s claim that anthropology’s job is to make the world a safe place for human differences. One small step in doing so is to have conversations on tough topics, and that is precisely what we aim to start with this series.

Conversations matter. This conversation is about opening questions on, what does it mean to engage diversity in an academically grounded way, in the context of critique? What do students need in order to do this well?  

A central problem we address through This Anthro Life is that people of different disciplines, industries, or walks of life share the human condition but lack the time, skills, or knowledge to talk across and learn from difference. In a world where inequalities, power differentials, and endemic privilege continue to impact the fabric of university communities, these conversations provide a needed starting point. We aim to address concerns surrounding LGBTQ equality on campuses, cross-cultural diversity, religious pluralism, as well as race and ethnicity in contemporary US life head on, using 21st century social technologies like podcasting to reach the widest possible audience.