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The Awe is Shared: Evolution and Public Science with Andrea Eller

Andrea Eller is a biological anthropologist driven by a question of how do our bodies continue to react to things today? In other words, how does evolution continue to impact us and why is this important? To address this, Andrea Eller looks at how bodies respond and adapt to circumstances of chronic stresses. The stresses...

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Seeing Finance in 360°

Hey there TAL listeners! Aneil has been working on a project centered on capturing the experience of working in finance with a fellow anthropologist and a filmmaker in London, and wanted to share it with you. Check it out: Visualizing Finance: An Anthropology and Film Collaboration in London Hi everyone, Aneil here. While Adam and Ryan...

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Its Only an Evil Cactus if Donkeys Chase You: Ethics and Psychedelics with Hamilton Morris

When TAL first interviewed Hamilton Morris, it was shortly after he and his production team had finished season 1 of Hamilton’s Pharmacopoeia. Now, Morris has completed two seasons of his critically acclaimed show on VICE. This time on TAL, Morris has a more reflective tone. With Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins, Morris shares his experiences...

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Consulting, Big Data and Social Justice w/ Dr. Tricia Wang

Dr. Tricia Wang sees her work consulting as sitting at the crossroads of data and social justice. As a global tech ethnographer, Dr. Wang is obsessed with how technology and humans shape each other. In her own words, she wants to know, “How do the tools we use enable us to do more of what...

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TAL Goes to the Smithsonian

Hey Listeners! We are incredibly excited (and humbled) to announce that This Anthro Life is partnering with the American Anthropological Association and the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage to head to DC for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival this year! We’ll be there June 27-July1 and July 4-8 on the National Mall. As part...

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Lessons on Social Difference from an Ancient Maya City | Ryan Collins | TEDxBrandeisUniversity

Hey Listeners, we wanted to share some news. As you have probably noticed, TAL has been slow to post as of late. Both Ryan and Adam have finished their dissertations (and Adam defends in one week!). But, TAL has remained busy behind the scenes developing and producing new content. In the meantime, we wanted to...

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Behind The Mic

Adam Gamwell

Co-founder & Host

Design Anthropologist, Social Strategist, and Creative Director

Ryan Collins

Co-founder & Host

Resident Archaeologist and Education Designer

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