Where’s TaL?

Hey folks,

Photo: Adam Gamwell
Photo: Adam Gamwell

As you may have noticed, things have been quiet around the TaL studios as of late. Well, we promise its all for a good reason! Each of your intrepid hosts are currently out and about in the world doing what we do best, or at least what we do pretty darn well :), – Fieldwork!

Adam (me) is currently in Lima, Peru researching quinoa among farmers and geneticists, Aneil is over in London, England working with finance institutions, Amy is a bit further south in Cameroon working with chimpanzees at sanctuaries, and Ryan is getting dirty figuring out the origins of the Maya in Yaxuna, Mexico.

Rest assured, TaL isn’t going anywhere. We are all just a bit busy collecting awesome new stories, prepping new conversations, ideas, and episodes!

As a quick taste, some of episodes being cooked up include:
Genetics and Genes
Colonizing Outer Space
The Ecomodernism Movement
Futurism and the Singularity

So there’s a bunch of cool stuff being cooked up in the TaL labs and we can’t wait to record it and share it with you! Also, be on the look out for some fieldwork reflections and new TaL publications on the way…


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