TaL Gets a Shout Out in new publication!

Hey Everyone,

As you may know,  one of the main goals for us here at This Anthropological Life is to make anthropology public – to make our methods, subjects, and ways of thinking accessible to everyone. We’re excited to let you know that This Anthro Life got a brief shout out in a new publication by Erin Taylor and Gaiwan Lynch titled “Showcasing Popular Anthropology” – a compilation of short articles published in newspapers and blogs. It includes contributions from Sarah Kenzidor, Joris Luyendijk, Keith Hart, Dori Tunstall, Susan Blum, Helen Fisher, Vito Laterza, Olimide Abimbola, Agustín Fuentes, Rosemary Joyce, Greg Downey. At the back is a list of further reading to help you learn more about who is doing what and where.

American Anthropological Association Blog Post that links the booklet

Get the booklet here! 

Finally, thanks to Erin Taylor and Gaiway Lynch and the incredible team over at Popanth for their hard (and fun) work making anthropology more public!

Adam, Ryan, Aneil, and Amy


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