Special guest Ben Gebo today on TaL, ‘Altered States’ pt 2

Join This Anthro Life for another mind-bending conversation as we ‘turn on, tune out, and drop in’ the conversation with returning guest Ben Gebo. With Ben’s help we will further explore the world of TAL16consciousness, altered states, the use of hallucinogenics throughout evolutionary history, the effects of music on the brain and more!

Altered States part two 3/4/14 at 1 pm WBUR 100.1 FM and wbur.org. Podcast available after the show.

Remember to write in on Twitter @thisanthrolife or send an email at [email protected] to ask questions or comment during the show! We’ll be taking phone calls soon, too!

Also check out Ben’s photos on his website! (bengebo.com)

© Ben Gebo
© Ben Gebo
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