Catch the latest episode of This Anthro Life, a round-table, open format discussion of an anthropological take on the people, objects, ideas, and possibilities of everyday life around the world.

We produce two Series at This Anthro Life, Conversations and Free Think. Check them out below and see some of our favorites!

Conversations are our tried and true open-format dialogues about all things human. We dig into our past, present, and future to uncover and explore our world – from different cultures and societies to eating habits and sleeping patterns, archaeological wonders, and psychological conditions. Sometimes it is just your TAL hosts working through a topic and sometimes we bring on board a guest or two to spice things up. Episodes range from about 20 minutes to an hour.

Like any good conversation, you can hop in at any point. Check out some of our favorite Conversations and get to know the anthro life. And, if you’re long-time listeners we hope you’ll enjoy revisiting these gems with us. If you like us, be sure to subscribe and visit our previous episodes on the downloads page.

If you’re new to TAL, check out some of our favorite episodes to get started:

Episode: 10 Beer  One of our favorite episodes. We recorded this two years ago and our sound quality wasn’t up to speed with what we do today, but we love it. We cover some of the historical uses of beer, its changing meaning over time, the development of taste, and even share a few ancient recipes! From contemporary hipster cans to drinks of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs you don’t want to miss this episode! Cheers, Prost, Salud, Allinta Qali!

45 The Happiness Fetish What kinds of things make us happy? How does happiness inhere in objects or how to we use objects to display our happiness?

39 The Politics of Difference Ryan, Aneil, and Adam cover the politics of difference through an unlikely lens and cutting edge research. Were Neanderthals good parents? What does new archaeological and biological research tell us about European’s genetic relatedness to Neanderthals? Putting these questions together, we turn our anthropological lens to hidden assumptions about parenting styles, ancestry, subsistence, and lifestyles, and help draw out how notions of difference are constructed.

37 Long Haul Trucking Through China Trucking is one of the most important, but under studied, forms of transit and economy in contemporary China. Guest Rachel Katz climbed aboard for six months, traveled with truckers, got to know their routes, their families, hardships, and opportunities.

FreeThink is a our series of episodes that works like a backstage pass, where we talk unscripted about what’s on our minds and hearts, the nuts and bolts of making a podcast today, and the larger projects we are working on surrounding the show. If you’ve never heard This Anthro Life, we don’t recommend starting with these episodes. check out our more in-depth Conversations series with some of our favorite episodes curated just for you.

When you’re ready, we’d love to have you join us here for a deeper dialogue. Check out our dedicated FreeThink Series page or check out our favorites below.

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