Quick updates! TAL back in Boston! Burning Man mini-series, new articles, fresh episodes!

Hello dear listeners!

Adam hanging with his cow friends
Adam hanging with his cow friends outside Puno, Peru

Just a quick update on where TAL has been and now is. Adam is back from Peru! After an incredible 18-month fieldwork excursion into the world of quinoa, agriculture, and gastronomy he’s back among the Bostonians he holds so dear. Stay tuned for some upcoming episodes on fieldwork, quinoa, and what’s coming next from Adam. hint: Burning Man is about to become an awesome series of episodes co-produced with longtime collaborator Ben Gebo.

Ryan recently finished his fourth(!) field season in Yucatán, Mexico and is moving hardcore into analysis and writing. He’s got an incredible story about Maya history, culture, and architecture to tell you through bricks, fire pits, ritual objects and more. Get ready.

Aneil is just back from preliminary fieldwork in London working with green bond financiers. Super interesting stuff. Time to talk about the future of finance.

This fall we’ll three be back bringing you new and fresh TAL episodes plus some new goodies. We have a second article coming out courtesy of our friends over at Teaching Culture Blog on the promise of the podcast medium for anthropology and social sciences. Will post the link as soon as it is out!


much love and very excited to kick up the fall 2016 season!

Adam, Ryan, and Aneil

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