New Show Time for Season 4 of This Anthro Life! Premiering Sept 1 @ 11 am EST

TAL-Logo-Season-4.1-1400x1400Hi everyone!

We’re coming back to you after a few weeks’ break and gearing up for our best season yet!

Our new show time is Mondays at 11-12 EST on our regular partner station WBRS. Subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and coming to more sources!

To kick off Season 4, join us September 1st for an incredibly important public conversation about the recent controversy¬†and social upheaval in Fergus, MO as we turn our anthropological lens to race relations, police brutality, militarization, protest, civil action, and academia’s response. To help us with this conversation we are joined by special guest Delande Justinvil.

Looking forward to sharing the airwaves with you.

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