Multi-species and non-Human Centered Anthropology

Do you have a pet? Do you talk to your pet? How about your house plants? Ever thought about where those vegetables you use as food and bought at the grocery store came from? Like, really came from? “Human Nature”, Anna Tsing writes, “is an interspecies relationship”. It’s never been just about humans; life on this planet (and possibly beyond) is an entanglement of many different kinds of living selves, inert objects, and assemblages of ideas. This week, Adam and Ryan will try to figure out just what the heck this idea might mean and what implications it has for rethinking our connections with and construction of the material and social world.

Tune in a very special episode of This Anthropological Life where we take on the very idea of “Human Nature” from the lens of the emerging field of Multi-species and Non-human centered Anthropology! This will definitely be one of our more philosophical episodes, but will be grounded in the world of pets, monumental architecture, the archaeological record, bones, electric vehicles, mushrooms, and more!


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