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95 The Happiness Fetish Revisited 

94 Conversations and Podcasting as Social Technology

93 The Stories Bones Tell w/ Kristina Kilgrove

92 Anthropology + Science Journalism = New Genre? w Daniel Salas of SAPIENS

91 Anthropology Has Always Been Out There w Ed Liebow and Leslie Walker

90 Writing “in my Culture” w/ Zoe Wool and Alex Golub of Savage Minds

89 Visual Anthropology Revisited pt 2

88 Visual Anthropology Revisited pt 1

87 On Writing w Anita Hannig

86 FreeThink 6 – Who Are the 13,000? w/ Matt Artz

85 Dating your Ancestors is Complicated: The Strange Case of Homo Naledi

84 Culinary Catalysts and Scientific Shifts Peruvian Quinoa in the Age of Gastronomy Presentation by Adam Gamwell at the Society for Applied Anthropology conference in Santa Fe, NM March 2017

83 FreeThink 5: Finding Balance in the midst of Burnout

82 The Power of Vulnerability Revisited

81 FreeThink #4: On Art, Creativity, and Bringing Awe back to Anthropology

80 Investigating the Untethered Journey between Psychedelic Science, Medicine, and Drug Scheduling with Hamilton Morris

79 Waiting w/ Serra Hakyemez

78 D+A 2 Evaluating Protests

77 Protesting the Powers that Be and Being the Power that Protests w/ Jara Connell

76 Design + Application 1 How to Deal with Change w Dr. Andi Simon

75 When your Business Stalls, it’s time to Evolve: Unpacking Corporate Anthropology with Dr. Andi Simon

74 Emojis + Hieroglyphics = Universal Language? 

73 Gift Giving and the Spirit of Sharing

72 FreeThink #3: PRX Podcast Garage and Making Friends

71 Don’t Panic! The Neuroscience behind Falling into Balance w/ Vivek Pandey Vimal

70 On Kindness and What the World Needs Now w/ Hannah Brencher

69 Myths of American Democracy: Contradictions, Troubling Numbers, and Searching for Sense in the System

68 FreeThink #2: Moving Beyond the Mic: On Collaborations and Working Across Disciplines

67 FreeThink #1: TaL Back in the Studio! What’s Next??

66 Is Corporate Anthropology Selling Out? A Conversation on Consulting with Vyjayanthi Vadrevu

65 Making Sense of Finance: Boundaries, Institutions, and Power with Caitlin Zaloom

64 Stewardship and Heritage: Bringing Archaeology to the Public with Emily Jane Murry

63 Faded Paint and Yellowed Photos: On, Image, Inspiration, and Memory with Javier Urcid

62 A Business for the Future? Redefining Value, Quinoa and the Quest of Pachakuti Foods w/ Alexander Wankel

61 Mate: The Drink Beyond a Drink w/ Guilherme Heiden

60 Anthropology withou Borders? Bringing the Study of People to the People

59 History, Power, and a Mapuche Bible: A Shaman’s Story with Ana Mariella Bacigalupo

58 The Thrill of Discovery

57 Return of the Ethnographers: Fieldwork

56 Back from the Field: Syncing into Holly Walter’s Research Part 2

55 Applying, Designing, and Presenting Anthropology to the Public

54 Syncretism in the Land of Sacred Stones w/ Holly Walters

53 Unearthing the Past: Interview w/ Ryan Collins

52 Skiing in Snow

51 Buried in Snow

50 Human Endurance w/ Ben Gebo

49 The World According to Quinoa w/ Adam Gamwell

48 Genderless Gingerbread Figures and The Custom of Costumes

47 How Humans Cope

46 Ebola: The Passion and the Politics, Episode 2

45 The Happiness Fetish

44 Ecologies of Happiness

43 iPhone, Therefore iAm

42 Humans as a Playful Species w/ Michael D’Angelo

41.1 The Burning Man Experience, part 2 w/ Ben Gebo

41 The Burning Man Experience w/ Ben Gebo

40 Police Militarization, Violence, Race, Trust and Ferguson, MO w/ Delande Justinvil

39 The Politics of Difference

38 Ebola and Virology

37 Long Haul Trucking Through China

36 Urban Cycling

35 Access Denied? Public Space and Protest

34 Lost in Space

33 Stress Test w/ Luke Hanlin 

32 A Representative Democracy? Contraceptive Controversy and the Supreme Court

31 The Beautiful Game: World Cup 2014

30 How to Talk about Terror

29 The Power of Vulnerability

28 Up in the Cloud: Computing in the 21st Century (so far)

27 Homes and Houses

26 Let There Be Light

25 Special Conversation: Reflecting on Anthropology: Why we Do what we Do

24 Environmental Anthropology: Nature, Culture, Power

23 Non-Human Rights

22 Visual Anthropology

21 Coffee Cultures

20 Comics Books, Graphic Novels, and Visual Storytelling

19 Nationalism, Crimea and Russia

18 Disposable Culture

17 Materials, things and stuff: the anthropology of objects

16 Altered States part 2

15 Altered States

14 Dreams

13 Sleep

12 An Unexpected Journey: Commuting

11 Locomotion and Transportation

10 Beer

Renewal and Continuity: A Meditation on Time

8.1 (Supplemental Episode) Multispecies and Non-Human Centered Anthropology Theoretical Approaches

Multispecies and Nonhuman Centered Anthropology

Consumption pt. 2

Consumption pt. 1

Travel, Photography, Memory

Violence and Empathy

Engaging Technology

2 Halloween: Ancestor Worship and the Fear of Seasonal Feasting

1 Pilot

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