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You can download any (or all) of the past episodes of This Anthro Life here.

Released Episode
11  Oct  2017 The Yin and Yang of Design Anthropology with Dr. Elizabeth Dori Tunstall Download
27  Sep  2017 Fall for This Anthro Life: Back in Action, New Content, and our Patreon Campaign Download
24  Jul  2017 The Happiness Fetish Revisited Download
14  Jul  2017 Conversations and Podcasting as Social Technology Download
28  Jun  2017 The Stories Bones Tell w/ Kristina Killgrove Download
21  Jun  2017 Anthropology + Science Journalism = A New Genre? w/ Daniel Salas of SAPIENS Download
14  Jun  2017 Anthropology has Always been Out There w/ Ed Liebow and Leslie Walker of the AAA Download
07  Jun  2017 Writing “in my Culture” w/ Zoe Wool and Alex Golub of Savage Minds Download
02  Jun  2017 Visual Anthropology Revisited, pt 2 Download
31  May  2017 Visual Anthropology Revisited, pt 1 Download
17  May  2017 On the Craft of Writing w/ Dr. Anita Hannig Download
12  May  2017 Free Think 6 – Who Are the 13,000? Download
26  Apr  2017 Dating your Ancestors is Complicated: The Strange Case of Homo Naledi Download
19  Apr  2017 Culinary Catalysts and Scientific Shifts: Peruvian Quinoa in the Age of Genetics and Gastronomy Download
12  Apr  2017 FreeThink 5: Finding Balance in the Midst of Burnout Download
22  Mar  2017 The Power of Vulnerability Revisited Download
15  Mar  2017 FreeThink #4: On Art, Creativity, and Bringing Awe back to Anthropology Download
15  Feb  2017 Investigating the Untethered Journey between Psychedelic Science, Medicine, and Drug Scheduling with Hamilton Morris Download
08  Feb  2017 Waiting w/ Serra Hakyemez Download
06  Feb  2017 D+A #2: What Makes a Protest Successful and How do I get involved? Download
01  Feb  2017 Protesting the Powers that Be and Being the Power that Protests w/ Jara Connell Download
30  Jan  2017 D+A Minisode 1: How to Deal with Change w/ Dr. Andi Simon Download
25  Jan  2017 When your Business Stalls, it’s time to Evolve: Unpacking Corporate Anthropology with Dr. Andi Simon Download
18  Jan  2017 Emojis + Hieroglyphics = Universal Language? Download
21  Dec  2016 Giving Gifts and the Spirit of Sharing Download
05  Dec  2016 FreeThink 3: PRX Podcast Garage Meetups, Building Bridges, and Expanding the Podcast Download
23  Nov  2016 Don’t Panic! The Neuroscience behind falling into Balance w/ Vivek Pandey Vimal Download
17  Nov  2016 On Kindness and What the World Needs Now w/ Hannah Brencher Download
02  Nov  2016 Multi-species and non-Human Centered Anthropology: Conversations Revisited Download
20  Oct  2016 Myths of American Democracy: Contradictions, Troubling Numbers, and Searching for Sense in the System Download
19  Oct  2016 FreeThink #2 – Moving Beyond the Mic: On Collaborations and Working Across Disciplines Download
13  Oct  2016 New to TAL? Check out some of our favorite episodes! Download
10  Oct  2016 FreeThink #1: TaL Back in the Studio! What’s Next?? Download
19  Jul  2016 Is Corporate Anthropology Selling Out? A Conversation on Consulting with Vyjayanthi Vadrevu Download
12  Jun  2016 Making Sense of Finance: Boundaries, Institutions, and Power with Caitlin Zaloom Download
25  May  2016 Guest Podcast: Food Futures: Playing our Way to Conservation? Experimental Economics in the Andean Countryside Download
24  May  2016 Stewardship and Heritage: Bringing Archaeology to the Public with Emily Jane Murry Download
28  Mar  2016 Faded Paint and Yellowed Photos: On, Image, Inspiration, and Memory with Javier Urcid Download
23  Mar  2016 A Business for the Future? Redefining Value, Quinoa and the Quest of Pachakuti Foods w/ Alexander Wankel Download
18  Mar  2016 Exploring Boundaries: From Access to Female Sexworkers to the Question of Research Download
07  Mar  2016 Mate: The Drink Beyond a Drink w/ Guilherme Heiden Download
08  Feb  2016 Anthropology without Borders? Bringing the Study of People to the People Download
11  Jan  2016 History, Power, and a Mapuche Bible: A Shaman’s Story with Ana Mariella Bacigalupo Download
12  Nov  2015 The Thrill of Discovery Download
06  Oct  2015 Return of the Ethnographers Download
29  Sep  2015 Back from the Field: Syncing into Holly Walter’s Research Part 2 Download
18  Sep  2015 Applying, Designing, and Bringing Anthropology to the Public Download
25  Apr  2015 Syncretism in the Land of Sacred Stones w/ Holly Walters Download
09  Apr  2015 Unearthing the Past: Interview w/ Ryan Collins Download
27  Mar  2015 Human Endurance w/ Ben Gebo Download
03  Mar  2015 Buried in Snow! Download
24  Jan  2015 The World According to Quinoa w/ Adam Gamwell Download
24  Jan  2015 How Humans Cope Download
24  Jan  2015 Genderless Gingerbread Figures and the Custom of Costumes Download
01  Dec  2014 Ebola: The Passion and the Politics, Episode 2 Download
24  Nov  2014 The Happiness Fetish Download
18  Nov  2014 Ecologies of Happiness Download
06  Oct  2014 iPhone, Therefore I am. Download
29  Sep  2014 Special Episode: Police Militarization, Race, Trust, Violence and Ferguson, MO Download
24  Sep  2014 Humans as a Playful Species w/ Michael D’Angelo, Host of Old School Game Show Download
18  Sep  2014 The Burning Man Experience w/ Ben Gebo Part 2! Download
07  Sep  2014 The Burning Man Experience w/ Ben Gebo Download
18  Aug  2014 Ebola and Virology Download
05  Aug  2014 Long Haul: The Lives of China’s Truckers w/ Rachel Katz Download
30  Jul  2014 Urban Cycling Download
23  Jul  2014 Access Denied: Protests, Urban Green Spaces, and Changing Transportation Download
18  Jul  2014 Lost in Space: From the Universe to the Space Between Atoms Download
10  Jul  2014 Stress Test w/ Guest Luke Hanlin Download
02  Jul  2014 Reproducing Rights and Wrongs: Personhood, Religious and Reproductive Freedoms, Gender, and SCOTUS Download
24  Jun  2014 The Beautiful Game: World Cup 2014 Download
17  Jun  2014 How to Talk about Terror Download
11  Jun  2014 The Power of Vulnerability Download
04  Jun  2014 Up in the Cloud: Computing in the 21st Century (so far) Download
29  May  2014 A House to Make a Home? w/ Guest Mengqi Wang Download
21  May  2014 Let There Be Light! Download
20  May  2014 Special Conversation: Reflections on Anthropology: Why do we do what we do? Download
08  May  2014 Environmental Anthropology, pt 1. Nature, Culture, Power Download
28  Apr  2014 The Politics of Difference and Relatedness Download
28  Apr  2014 Non-Human Rights, with new co-host Amy Hanes Download
16  Apr  2014 Visual Anthropology Revisited Download
09  Apr  2014 Coffee Cultures Download
01  Apr  2014 Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Visual Storytelling Download
25  Mar  2014 The Crisis in Crimea with guest Dr. Emily Canning Download
18  Mar  2014 Garbology, Space Junk and Digital Dumping Download
07  Mar  2014 Altered States, part 2 with Ben Gebo Download
25  Feb  2014 Altered States of Consciousness Download
13  Feb  2014 Dreams and Dreaming Download
04  Feb  2014 Sleep Download
27  Jan  2014 Transportation pt 2: Commuting Download
04  Dec  2013 Consumption: Thanksgiving Reflections, Food Choices and Production Download
19  Nov  2013 Travel, Photography, and Memory w/ Special Guest Ben Gebo Download
14  Nov  2013 Violence and Empathy Download


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