Sierra Dakin Kuiper

Sierra Dakin Kuiper

Social Media, Public Outreach

I am an M.A. student in anthropology at Brandeis University. My focus is

sierra-tal-2016environmental anthropology, with a particular interest in identity politics, decolonization, conservation and North American national parks.

I’m my best self when I’m outside hiking, fly fishing or skiing. I recognize this is a privilege and seek ways to connect people interested in exploring the outdoors who maybe haven’t had the chance yet. For the past four years, I have worked as a Park Ranger in Waterton Lakes National Park in the Canadian Rockies. My time in Waterton informs the way I think about my current research. Specifically, I wonder how multiple stakeholder groups (including sport hunters, First Nation communities, environmentalists, bureaucrats) interact and think about place. What stories can be told, how can they be shared, and what can these stories reveal about the future of a place?

Like the rest of the TAL team, I believe in making anthropology accessible. I seek to engage with listeners on social media and beyond!

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