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Talking Anthropology: Podcasting for the Public (Part One)

Talking Anthropology: Podcasting and Its Potential for the Discipline (Part Two)

Presentations, Public Lectures and Workshops

Presenter with the ‘Deisortium: Brandeis Multidisciplinary Consortium’ for “Talking Social Justice across the Disciplines” on February 4th. Awarded by ‘Deis Impact and sponsored by the Brandeis University Ethics Center under the theme of Exploring social justice on campus and around the world. 2017

“From the Lecture Hall to the Bars? on Promoting Public Anthropology through Lectures and Digital Media You Can Take Outside of the Classroom.” Presented November 18th, at the 115th annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in the session Teaching and Learning beyond K-12 in Minneapolis. 2016

Anthropological Airwaves: Constructing Public Dialogues through Digital Media (Workshop). Presented March 26th, at the 75th Society for Applied Anthropology: A Worldwide Organization for the Applied Social Sciences, Pittsburgh, PA. 2015

“Constructive Airwaves: Social Science and Public Engagement Through Radio and Digital Media.” Presented on September 20th, at North American series of the International Academic Forum (IAFOR), Providence, RI. 2014

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Fellowship supported partnership with ‘BARS: Brandeis Anthropology Research Seminar’ funded through the Teaching Innovation Grant (TIGER) through the Center for Teaching and Learning at Brandeis University
Lecture series featuring some of our special guests

WBRS Radio Studio, Waltham, MA
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